Welcome to B&B Huis der Boede . To create a pleasant stay for you and the other guests, the following house rules apply at B&B Huis der Boede .


When making a reservation, you must always correctly state the number of people who will stay overnight at B&B Huis der Boede .

If you wish to spend the night with children at B&B Huis der Boede , you should take into account the following house rules:

- In the case of an overnight stay with children, the age of the child (the children) must already be stated in the reservation request.

- Minimum age for overnight stay is 12 years.

- B&B Huis der Boede does not offer outdoor play facilities for children.

Maximum occupancy of rooms

B&B Huis der Boede has access to five double rooms.

The rooms are suitable for a maximum occupancy of 2 persons. It is therefore not allowed to spend the night and/or stay in the room with more than two people or to eat breakfast. It is not possible to place a cot in your room.

In the event of violation of the maximum occupancy indicated on the reservation form, B&B Huis der Boede will charge 100% of the overnight rate applicable at that time for each violation, in addition to the accommodation costs already owed.


Receiving visitors is not allowed in B&B Huis der Boede .

Checking in

Check-in is in principle from 15:00. Check-in is preferably before 20:00. A different time can be agreed in consultation with the host or hostess. Check-in is only possible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In any case, indicate at least one day before arrival what time you expect to arrive and call the host or hostess on the day itself 30 minutes before arrival. This way someone is sure to be present and you don't have to wait unnecessarily. You can also arrive earlier, for example, to put down your luggage and pick up the key. Before checking in, please report to the front door of the B&B Huis der Boede .

Checking out

Check-out is possible between 07:00 and 11:00 on the day of departure. Check out only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

key management

On arrival you will receive one key from the host or hostess for your stay. You are responsible for locking the doors of your accommodation and for turning off the lighting. When checking out, please return the key to the host or hostess.

Lose key

In case of loss of a key, B&B Huis der Boede will charge you € 200.00.


If you use breakfast, we will ensure that a fresh breakfast is ready for you every morning. Breakfast is served in the dining room so you can enjoy it at any time in peace. Every morning between 09:00 and 10:30 you can enjoy breakfast in the decorative room on the ground floor, down the stairs to the right.

Bed linen and towels

For longer stays, towels and bed linen are changed according to your wishes. The costs of this are included in the price unless other agreements have been made about this.

Safeguarding hygiene

It is not allowed to sleep on the beds in the rooms without sheets and pillowcases.

In the event that non-removable stains appear in the mattress, duvet, bedspread and decorative pillows or towels during the overnight stay, B&B Huis der Boede will charge the customer for the resulting cleaning costs and/or costs for replacing the materials. bring.


The prices include gas, water, electricity, bed and bath linen, the use of breakfast in the decorative room and coffee and tea in the room. Free use of Wifi and free parking on site at B&B Huis der Boede .

In the unlikely event that the services such as WiFi do not function or do not function properly during the stay at B&B Huis der Boede , this does not entitle the customer to a refund of all or part of the room price owed.


You can park your car at the designated places on the site. If the parking lot is full, the host or hostess will point you to another place in the yard to park. Parking is only allowed for the duration of the stay at B&B Huis der Boede . Parking on site at B&B Huis der Boede is at your own risk. B&B Huis der Boede is not liable for theft and/or any form of damage.


B&B Huis der Boede asks its guests to refrain from being noisy in their rented accommodation and in the common areas. All music – and any other sound – produced in any way must be tuned to room strength, so that no noise nuisance is created for the other guests and local residents and is in any case prohibited from 22:00 in the evening until 07:00 in the morning.


Garbage can be deposited in the appropriate waste containers. You may leave empty glass or plastic, which the host will clean up for you in connection with waste separation.


Because it may cause inconvenience or inconvenience to the other guests in our B&B, pets are not allowed.

To smoke

At B&B Huis der Boede smoking is not allowed inside and around the house. In consultation you can smoke elsewhere on the estate, provided it does not bother others and safety is not endangered. The estate must remain cigarette-free. Butts should therefore be left extinguished in a waste bin.

Alcohol and (soft) drugs

Alcohol abuse is prohibited, so enjoy, but drink in moderation. At B&B Huis der Boede it is strictly forbidden to possess, use and/or trade drugs. Police are always called in.


B&B Huis der Boede offers a WIFI guest network. The user will refrain from visiting internet websites that have an illegal character or that do not correspond to the reputation of B&B Huis der Boede as provider of the accommodation. B&B Huis der Boede has the right, without further notice, to block access to the Internet, whether or not completely, if the user detects or suspects nuisance from third parties and/or (other) internet abuse.


B&B Huis der Boede is in no way liable for any form of damage, loss or theft that you have or experience during your stay at B&B Huis der Boede .

If damage is caused to the accommodation or its furnishings during your stay, you must inform the host or hostess.

Use garden/estate

Guests of B&B Huis der Boede can freely roam the paths and lawns of the estate, with the exception of the 2 lawns on the north side of the house. These are for private use.

Guests are not allowed to practice (ball) sports on the estate.


Please switch off air conditioning/heating in case of long absence.

Save water where possible.

Reuse towels preferably

Our privacy

Please respect our privacy. B&B Huis der Boede is above all the private home of the hosts and their family. The private rooms are located on the ground floor and in the basement.

Guests only have access to their own quarters. Access to breakfast room only between 8.30am and 10.30am. Entering private quarters is strictly prohibited.

Guests of B&B Huis der Boede can freely roam the paths and lawns of the estate, with the exception of the 2 lawns on the north side of the house. These are for private use.